Integration with Mitratech’s existing products creates an end-to-end set of solutions, empowering compliance teams to become a hub of service and excellence for the entire enterprise.

AUSTIN, TX – January 29, 2020 – Mitratech, a leading provider of legal and compliance software, today announced the acquisition of ClusterSeven Ltd.  By offering their products alongside its existing governance, risk, and compliance solutions, Mitratech will provide the first-ever end-to-end solutions suite specifically aimed at elevating companies’ data privacy and information governance efforts.

Safeguarding data privacy and satisfying information governance-related regulatory requirements are essential to business survival and success today. With Mitratech’s Enterprise Compliance Suite, GRC professionals will be empowered to become a center of service and excellence for the entire enterprise by meeting the obligations imposed by a growing universe of regulations including SOX, MIFID II, GDPR, Volker and more. 

By adding solutions from ClusterSeven to a proven family of products that includes CMO, PolicyHub, DataStore, and TAP Workflow Automation, Mitratech now supplies a full spectrum of the tools needed to ensure data privacy, empowering information governance, satisfy regulatory oversight, and gain competitive advantage.

ClusterSeven, based in London, U.K., provides a unique and innovative solution for discovering, managing and monitoring “Shadow IT” – the hidden, sensitive End User Computer (EUC) applications, spreadsheets, data assets and other applications that lie outside of IT’s control but that an organization relies upon. With ClusterSeven, users can efficiently identify, track, audit, inventory and manage EUCs to identify and mitigate risk using easy-to-use dashboards, regular reports, and exception alerts. All without affecting the agility EUCs can bring to the business or user productivity.