“We aim to attract and maintain a team of the best possible investment and operational talent. To do this we need to ensure that we’re building this team from the broadest range of potential employees,” Martina Sanow, Deputy COO commenting in this week's Private Equity News

Private equity firms still have a long way to go before achieving gender balance but good to see some positive contributions in this article.


In 2019 Hg introduced a 26 weeks’ fully paid parental leave policy, following birth or adoption, for all employees to help to promote a culture of family support across the firm.


This policy was introduced as part of a wider initiative around Inclusion and Diversity at Hg, where 58% of the hires of all junior and mid-level investment executives were female in 2018 /2019.


Hg will also be forming its first ever Inclusion and Diversity Steering Group - which aims to promote a culture of inclusion that clearly values diversity in all its forms, including a number of global initiatives around gender balance, flexible working, mentoring programmes, training and awareness events.