An amazing employer initiative from IT RELATION A/S who have challenged 78 employees to take their mental and physical health to whole new heights, through health project ‘SUPER(SUND)HELT 2019’. This is about inspiring all employees to live a healthier life, benefiting them, and indeed all stakeholders, by creating an even better business environment. A shining example of responsibility from the Hg family - congratulations!

IT nerds on shrink: - It might be nice to lose 10 kilos and feel 10 years younger

The life span of 80 employees, fat percentage and body age will be under the microscope for the next 11 weeks at a large IT company in Herning.

They take up a little too well in the landscape. And they want to change that. But it is difficult when the working day consists of sitting at work at a computer.

I am in a period in my life where I have young children and make a career. And therefore, it is a challenge for me to get some movement and healthy diet into my life. I have been more active in the past, but today it takes up almost nothing. And when I also have a sedentary job, most people can figure out which direction it goes, says Jeppe Raabjerg Larsen, employed at the company IT Relation in Herning. 

The little things before the difference

Jeppe Raabjerg Larsen, together with almost 80 of the company's employees from the departments in Copenhagen, Kolding, Viby and Aalborg, signed up for a new health project. A year ago, nurse Tina Berwald Pedersen was employed as Health and HR assistant in IT Relations. And her job is to make the workplace a little healthier.

There are many here who have sedentary work. That's why I feed them with tips and ideas on how to get more movement into everyday life. Remember to stand at the raise-lower table instead of sitting for example. In this way, they increase combustion. And then they have to go a little more around. Go for a glass of water, for example. It's the little things that count, she says.

The motivation is missing

She has just started an 11-week health project, where the employees are gathered in teams of four to six participants who are bleak against each other. Here, employees are dying of loss of waist, fat and lower body age. The winners will receive a spa course at Hotel Vejlefjord.

I hope to be a healthier person, get in better shape, lose me and get into body age. It could be great to be your own age and not 10 years older. I have long known that I have not eaten properly and had the necessary exercise. But I have lacked the motivation to get started. This competition gives me blood on the tooth. My team will win the spa stay, says Kent Thomsen, a support specialist at IT Relation in Herning.